A New Start to an old beginning


So, this is the first post for my blog, and you’re probably sitting here on your computer, wondering what this all is about.

Well, I’ll put it simple, this blog is here to put down my progress towards my game, my novel, and my graphic design work. All three will be spoken about on this blog, as well as my personal beliefs towards my work, and my general ethos towards how I want to approach things. So, for the first

My game -

My game, which I am calling Project-R is an arcade racing game. The game itself is designed to be a love letter of sorts to not only the arcade racing genre, but to motor-sport as a whole. Both genres have represented some of the finest memories in my life. From the drop dead gorgeous and styling of the Ridge Racer series (particularly Type-4) to the incredible sensation of speed in the outrun series, to the sleek presentation of the metropolis street racer series (later named to project gotham series). Whether it was in games or not (big shout out to gran turismo 2 being my true gateway to all of this)

There was something ever so satisfying about seeing the Calsonic Skyline BNR32 utterly trounce its competition, or hearing the stories of the legendary “Drift king” Keiichi Tsuchiya competing in the Super GT series, all the way down to watching footage of the late Aryton Senna, and even watching Colin Mcrae vs Tommi Makinen (one of my earliest memories of motorsport). That rivalry is what spawned my love of the Evo and the STI (I’m a Evo person for the record). Even to this day, when I heard of the tragic accident, I feel like to this day, a part of the Impreza brand passed with him. (For the uninitiated, I’m referring to the legendary Colin Mcrae’s helicopter accident)

Pictured: The ARTA NSX

Pictured: The Calsonic Skyline

Pictured: The iconic Imprezza that Mcrae drove

Pictured: The rival, Tommi makkinen, one of the legendary flying finns

By now, with the mention of being introduced to this world via gran turismo and motor-sport, why arcade? Well, that is pretty simple to be quite honest with you. Arcade racers, are a DEAD breed. Not dying, DEAD. They are non existent in the conscious of the gaming world. Need For Speed has an identity crisis, RR’s last entry was nearly ten years ago, Sega rally missing in action, wipEout officially dead due to the studio closing down, F-Zero on Hiatus indefinitely. That literally leaves Mario Kart….You can already see what I am getting at here. These type of games are not made anymore, I want to be the change that I want to see in the world.

But overall, I still want to pay homage to the amazing history of motor-sport and how much enjoyment it’s given me through the years. The sheer quantity of excellence on display, as well as how all of these cars took on their own “ethos” and personality themselves at times (The skyline’s unofficial name is literally “godzilla” because of its dominance), has repeatedly, to this day, kept me in awe. It is this greatness that I want the game to pay homage to. Not just to arcade racers, but to the racing, cars, and outright insanity that inspired so much of it. I don’t want Project-R to just be another racing game. Simply put, I want the game to showcase everything that I saw in motor-sport, and in arcade racing games as a whole.

To end this short post, I am going to post a few screenshots from my game currently, on how it looks. The next post, which will be sometime this week end, will go into how I am making this game, as well as the incredible artist that I am working with, hopefully I can even get some thoughts on his design process as well. Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I enjoyed writing this blog post.

Originally published at https://www.tumblr.com on September 14, 2018.

For a visual only look at my work, see here — https://www.behance.net/TimothyWightman

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